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Country Information


HICM was founded in 1993 by Frantz Previl, in Haiti for the sole purpose of having a lasting impact on Haitians. The work is centered in the heart of the Caribbean Sea about 800 miles SE of Miami, the island of Hispaniola. It was formerly a French colony and has been an independent country since 1804. Over eight million people live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is the third poorest country in the world.

Superstition and Voodoo are common practices in Haiti. Even though the State Religion is Catholicism, Voodoo has crept in to the church. This merging is known as Syncretism.
Haiti exports: coffee, cocoa beans, mango and handicrafts. The average yearly income is $100 and the social conditions are precarious. The main obstructions to success are disease, hunger, and illiteracy.

Join us as we help share the Gospel of Christ and let His light shine over Haiti.

Child Sponsership

Child sponsorship, correspondence, and anything needing to be sent on to HICM in Haiti may be sent to the forwarding agent here:

P. O. Box 934
Hallsville, Texas 75650